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Steps To A Greener Lawn

Steps to a Greener Lawn

Experts at Green Oasis have been in the industry for decades, so they know what it takes to make a lawn green! The steps below work best in combination with each other:

1. Weed & Feed: Using a consistent mix of weed control and fertilizer will keep weeds down and your grass green. Different times of year require different mixes for the best results, which is why it's best to trust the experts! Our 5 step lawn care program provides regular treatments every 6-8 weeks for seaosn long protection. We start with a pre-emergent for crabgrass in the spring for weed prevention, then follow up with broadleaf weed killer to treat over 150 different broadleaf weeds as they appear. Weeds tend to grow in bare or thin areas, so while our weed control targets existing weeds, to prevent more from taking root we reccommend building a healthy lawn through regular fertilization and seeding thin areas. We recommend pairing this service with an Aeration & Overseeding for the best looking lawn on the block!

Weed control and fertilizer is the first step to a healthy lawn.

2. Aeration & Overseeding: Aeration helps deepen your grass' root system for overall healthier, thicker, more durable turf. The thicker your lawn is, the less space there is for weeds to poke through, so aerations are the next logical step for a weed-free and green lawn. It works by pulling cores out of the soil to relieve compaction and give space for your grass' roots to grow. New grass seed loves the soil contact that comes after an aeration and why the two are often paired together. This service also extends the root system downwards for better drought tolerance and lossens the soil for improved drainage and flood prevention. This service is recommended on a yearly basis for heavily trafficked areas to improve your lawn health and fill in any bare areas left by dying weeds.

Aerating your soil is one of the most beneficial services for your lawn and can help with a wide variety of turf problems.

. Water: This is essential for a healthy, green lawn and they key for lawn growth. All of the weed control and fertilizer in the world will not turn your lawn green without adequate water. The average lawn needs an inch to an inch and a half of water per week. If water is unable to be supplied to your lawn regularly, it may benefit you to install an irrigation system for heavy, consistent, maintenance-free watering.

An irrigation system keeps lawns lush and healthy throughout the year.

. Lime: An application of lime balances your soils' pH to help promote optimal growing conditions for healthy grass. Because lime is a soil neutralizer, it's essential for acidic soils to have regular applications. Organic matter, heavy rains, and pine needles are all things that can make soil acidic over time. Check your soils pH with a home test kit, or have an expert come evaluate your lawn and check for problem areas, including the pH of your soil. Green Oasis offers this as a complimentary service for customers.

Yearly lime applications are recommended for soil health.

5. Grub Control:
Thinning and bare patches can sometimes be caused by a grub infestation. Grubs eat the roots of grass and can attract pests like moles to your lawn. Grubs also grow into species like moths and Japanese Beetles that can cause extensive garden damage if not managed. Some signs that you may have grubs include:

  • Thin or dead patches of lawn, often irregularly shaped
  • Being able to pull your lawn up like a carpet
  • Spongy, unabsorbant patches
  • Moles and other grub loving critters moving in
  • Japanese Beeltles and other insect infestations

To manage grub populations, we recommend yearly Grub Control applications to stay ahead of the population, but lawns with bad infestations could also benefit from a Curative Grub program to kill established populations, or a foliar spray to manage Japanese Beetles.

In the grub stage, Japanese beetles feed on the roots of your lawn causing damage to your grass. As an adult, Japanese Beetles feed on a wide variety of garden plants, causing damage to their leaves, flowers, and fruits.

Lawn care can seem overwhelming. Our technicians have spent decades learning what it takes to make a lawn green and they are here to help! These five factors of lawn care are all encompassing and will help you with everything your lawn needs.

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