Preparing Your Irrigation System for Colder Temperatures

Every fall, the air temperature drops before the ground temperature does. This means that there’s a short period before blowing out your irrigation system where your system will be exposed to freezing air temperatures.

Here is everything you need to know about how to care for your irrigation system during colder weather:

  • The ground is a big insulator. Most of your irrigation system is buried, so it will be protected from the air temperature. It takes long stretches of colder weather before the ground temperature drops below freezing. At that point, it becomes essential to have your system blown out. In Wisconsin and Minnesota, that typically happens around mid-December.
  • Cover any exposed parts of your system with a towel or blanket when the temperatures get below freezing. A system will typically have some exposed hoses near the control box.
  • Keep your water on and running. Moving water takes longer to freeze, so keep the water moving through your system!
  • Keep the valve box closed. This traps the warm air in the box and keeps it warmer for longer.
  • Schedule your irrigation blown out early in the year. Irrigation companies that provide fall blowout services have limited capacity and book up fast in this area. The earlier in the year that you contact us, the more flexible we can be with scheduling!
  • Enlist the help of a professional. Contact your irrigation provider to walk you through how to prepare your system for cold snaps. Failure to blow out or protect your system correctly can lead to costly repairs in the spring. Read reviews and do your research on your provider!

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