Tree & Shrub Care Services

Tree & Shrub Care Services in River Falls, Hudson, Woodbury, Stillwater, Eau Claire, Rice Lake & Western Wisconsin

Green Oasis offers Tree & Shrub Care Services to keep your oasis protected and looking its best year-round. Fully licensed & insured with years of experience, we are your professional tree & shrub care service provider in Western Wisconsin & Eastern Minnesota. Our service lineup is designed to preserve the health of your investment and to address and diagnose insect & disease pressure. Green Oasis’ certified horticulturists are always here for you.

  • Plant Health Program

  • Japanese Beetle Foliar Spray

  • Emerald Ash Borer

  • Winter Evergreen Application

  • Fruit Tree Foliar Spray

Plant Health Program

utilize preventative measures & nutrients for your trees and shrubs

Plants are a precious part of your landscape around your home or business. Providing your plants with the proper nutrients and protecting them from pests is essential to ensure optimal health! The pest control experts at Green Oasis strive to provide you with the best tree and shrub care for your oasis.

  • Fertilizer - The Green Oasis Plant Health Program will deliver a balanced blend of slow-release fertilizer directly into the root zone of your trees and shrubs. 
  • Insect Control - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our system starts with a systemic insecticide injection. Administered in small amounts directly into the root system of the plant, our products will protect your trees and shrubs from a variety of insect pests for an entire season. For an immediate impression of infestations, we utilize a topical insect control product applied directly to the foliage. The foliage spray will provide limited residual control to insects that feed upon the leaves.
  • Disease Management - Preventative measures work best and will keep your trees and shrubs protected from diseases that affect foliage. For non-fruit-bearing varieties of plants, systemic products are available to control a broad spectrum of plant pathogens. Foliar products are available for use on fruit-bearing varieties and to stop the immediate spread of outbreaks.

Japanese Beetle Foliar Spray


If you notice an insect feeding on your plants, there is a chance you have a Japanese Beetle infestation. They primarily 
feed between the veins of leaves on lindens, birch, roses, grapevines, basil, and more. They are an invasive species that have the potential to do a lot of damage if left untreated.

Our Japanese Beetle Foliar Spray includes treating your ornamentals with a foliar application of broad-spectrum insecticide. This application is intended to provide suppression of the Japanese Beetle & other insects and provides 14-21 days of residual control.